What is this Dog Eyelid Bump?

by Linda
(Rome PA USA)

Picture Bump on Dog Eye

Picture Bump on Dog Eye

Maurice is a 9 /12 yr old great pyrenees with a bump on his upper eyelid. We have tried warm compresses 4 x daily. It has been about a yr. but does not appear to itch, but eye has been watery for 2 mos.

Went to vet in August this year for shots, he was not concerned.

Editor Suggestion Bump on Dog Eyelid

Dear Linda,

From your picture, I’d have to say that it looks like your Great Pyrenees has one of the benign tumors that commonly affect the eyelids of older dogs.

The biggest problem we see with these is that if they grow large enough they can rub on the surface of the eye, which might be the cause of your dog’s watery eye. It probably feels like having a grain of sand stuck under your eyelid.

If the dog eyelid tumor is bothering your dog in this way, consider having it removed. The surgery is not too difficult to perform and the recovery is quick, although your dog will have to wear an E-collar for a while to prevent him from scratching at his eyelid as it heals.

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Oct 21, 2014
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by: Anonymous

I bought over-the-counter ointment "Stye" $7 for my dog and it has helped it to drain.
-no medical degree, just an average dog owner

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