Eye: Symptoms

Common Dog Eye Diseases:

Dog eyes can be affected by various diseases. These can be minor issues such as allergies or secondary infections, or they can be severe infections in different parts of the eyes caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites and allergens.

Similarly, non infectious dog eye diseases include conformational abnormalities, glaucoma, cataracts, opacity and atrophies (weakness). There are some congenital (inherited) canine eye diseases as well, which are retinopathies (damage to a dog retina). Dog eye cancers and dog eye tumors are the most severe type of eye diseases in dogs, and are considered to be fatal and destructive.

The following is a brief overview of a few of the major dog eye conditions:

Other Common Dog Eye Diseases:

Along with eye disease dog infections and conformational abnormalities, there are certain other conditions, which are not truly infectious but the pathogenesis shows that some infectious, age, genetic and physical factors are involved in their occurrence.

canine eye diseases photos
Geriatric Miniature Poodle Picture Dog Cataracts

Management and Treatment of Dog Eye Diseases:

Dog eyes, like those of other animals and humans are very delicate organs, thus even minor irritation can turn into a complication due to severe clinical symptoms and response of the patient towards inflammation and irritation. It is thus always recommended that dog eyes should be frequently observed for any unusual symptoms and development of any progressive condition which sometimes does not show any symptom of irritation or pain at all.

Dog eye diseases should be carefully diagnosed, and then treated specifically, meaning with medications manufactured for the particular dog eye condition identified. In support, measures such as regular cleaning with an isotonic solution such as Opticlear.  Be sure to select a product for dog eye cleaning that is an isotonic  wash solution in the form of drops.

Natural remedies such as  i-Clenz for cleaning tear stains and the area around the eye (can be used on the surface of the eye if diluted per the manufacturers directions, but an eye wash such as the Opticlear mentioned above is preferred for cleaning the surface of the eye) and the use of  local eye health tonics such as Eye Heal can help to hasten recovery. Natural remedies are one way to support eye health, both in cases where there is eye disease dog and as a preventive measure.