Canine Anal Glands: Treatment

Treatment for Dog Anal Sacs

To restore the dog health anal gland you need to determine the extent of the problem. The first step to treatment is to empty the canine anal glands by following these instructions. If your dog has fever then the problem is probably an absences (see below).

The best way to take care of this problem is to empty the glands yourself or have a dog health professional express the glands. It is easy to do, just messy and smelly. Instructions for Emptying Dog Anal Glands We suggest you do this in the bathtub to avoid messes in the home and so that you can give your dog a quick bath to wash off any liquid that may fall on her coat. You might also want to wear latex kitchen gloves to keep the smelly, possibly infected fluid off your hands. 

1. With one hand lift your dog's tail.

2. In the other hand hold a tissue or paper towel and using your thumb and forefinger apply light pressure to each gland pressing inward toward the opening of the anus.

3. Don't push hard if you don't see any fluid. Try a second time and if you don't see anything see your veterinarian for help. You could also put your finger partly inside the anus and then push on the gland with a finger.

To treat canine anal glands your veterinarian will try and express or empty the glands with his fingers. This is something you can learn do to yourself, ask your vet for directions. If you do it yourself, be sure to do it in a bathtub to avoid making a mess. A quick bath afterward might be called for. Also be sure to wear latex gloves to protect the hands from the foul smelling liquid.

If the liquid has hardened, your vet will use use a medication that can soften the liquid. Antibiotics will effectively fight infection.

Helping your dog empty the anal sacs is something you can do at home. Wear latex gloves. To keep the area clean consider doing this in a bathtub. Hold your dog's tail up with one hand and then with the other gently apply pressure to the skin on both sides of one gland. Repeat for the other.

If this doesn't work after two tries, then bring your dog to your veterinarian. Don't be shy to ask your vet for a lesson on how to express the anal glands next time.