Digestive System: Home Remedies for Constipation

Different Home Remedies:

It is highly recommended that a dog suffering from anything other than mild constipation be taken to the veterinarian for an examination. It is important that the underlying cause of the Dog constipation be identified and treated vs. just treating symptoms. A veterinarian will need to conduct a thorough examination.

Common Home Remedies Dog Constipation:

Foods: Most foods which contain high levels of water and fiber are recommended for dogs with constipation. Regular dog food can be altered by either adjusting the ratio of ingredients, or with the addition of ingredients. 

Herbs: There are many herbs famous for treating mild dog constipation at home, two of them Rhubarb and Frangula are very effective. 

Try a Homeopathic (natural) Remedy which combines fiber and herbs: A good homeopathic dietary supplement that combines fiber and herbs is Natural Moves. It contains Psyllium, an excellent source of fiber, and select herbs which support normal bowel functioning.

Increase Outdoor Exercise: Increasing the frequency of walks could help bring on the urge to deficate.  Each walk should last 20 minutes.   

Cut the Hair at the Anus: If a dog has long hair, tangles at the anus could cause a dog to avoid deficating.


Home remedies dog constipation should only be used for mild constipation. In the case of chronic constipation, recurring dog constipation and if any complexity appears such as the presence of blood in a hard stool or if a dog is showing any signs of generalized illness along with constipation, the dog should be referred to a veterinarian. A dog should also see a veterinarian if the constipation lasts for more than a day.