Canine Anal Glands: Symptoms


As the glands swell, they cause your dog to become uncomfortable. To find relief, your dog may scoot with the rectum pressed into the floor. Your dog might also try to reach the area with the mouth to lick the region. If infection sets into the fluid that can't be released, then pain gets more severe. You may also notice that the area where the glands are located changed in color. The glands can even cause a break in the skin.

The anal glands dog can cause discomfort for your dog. A well known symptom among owners is when your dog scoots across the floor in its anus in an attempt to get some relief.

Other symptoms which indicate that infection may have set in include a foul smell, and any liquid that does come out has a blackish or yellow color. You can feel the glands from outside the body and determine is they are swollen. You may also be able to see that the skin has an unusual color.

You might see your dog scooting across the floor trying to get relief from the pressure in the sacs. Bad smell and green/yellow/black liquid may also indicate the presence of infection. The presence of infection will also cause swelling of the glands.