Eye: Tumor


There are several types of eye tumor dog including:


A dogs clinical history and a thorough ophthalmic examination are the initial steps towards diagnosis. Different approaches during clinical examination are followed, depending upon the status of the condition, which varies dog to dog.

Dog eye tumors can hardly be confirmed through clinical examination alone, therefore different laboratory and radiographic procedures such as biopsy, basic eye tests, X-Rays, ultrasonography etc. are done for confirmation. In the case of malignant or secondarily spreading eye tumors in dogs, detailed body tests such as blood profiling, examination and biopsy is required to confirm underlying primary cancerous developments in the body.


Treatment is varies according to the type of canine eye tumor, status of the condition, the severity of symptoms and chronicity (severity of the dog eye disease). Superficial canine eye tumors that occur over the corneal surface and eyelids can easily be treated with the help of radiation.

Surgery is most common and effective treatment plan for most dog eye tumors. Both the benign and malignant types of eye tumors in dogs usually require surgical excision, so that further cancerous developments can be halted. General surgery and cryosurgery (exposure of eye tissues to extreme cold) in combination with other approaches such as medical and radiative approaches are effective modes of treating eye tumor in dog.

eye tumor dog
Dog with Ocular Prosthesis (fake eye replacement)

Therapeutics such as high doses of local and general non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and anti cancerous drugs can specifically help to reduce symptoms and the development of cancerous tissues. NSAIDS are more commonly used for malignant and uveal tumors or for those tumors which spreads to the eye from other parts of the body.

Supportive care and the use of remedies such as supplements, natural extracts and regular cleaning can help to reduce the severity of symptoms and the effect of cancerous/tumorous developments over the general physiology (health status) of the body and eye. Two natural products that may be of help include C-Caps which is a natural antioxidant used for support to physiology and excretion of toxins and Eye Heal, for eye health support.