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The Dog Health Handbook is written by editors and writers that are committed to providing the latest information on canine care. Each page starts with an overview of the canine disease or condition,  followed by a description of common symptoms, what to expect when you go to the veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment options. There are thousands of pages of information on the site, so be sure to use the search feature to find what you are looking for.

Canine medicine is constantly changing. New developments in human medicine are often brought to veterinary medicine. Obviously, while not every drug that helps with human ailments improves dog health, many do. When available, we provide the results from recent clinical studies so that an owner can bring this information to the attention of a veterinarian that may not be as familiar with the literature.

Remember that this is only a handbook. It is written by veterinarians, researchers and writers who seek to take veterinary information and make it as understandable as possible. We will go out of our way to write our canine health articles in plain English, with medical terms in parenthesis.

This is not a replacement for a veterinarian and is not meant to provide advice for your dog's specific condition. The editors of the Dog Health Handbook as that you always contact a veterinary health professional and use this guide as part of the conversation.

Our policy is to reference all article sources. This way our readers can refer to the original reference if they would like more information on a particular disease or condition.

All information is presented in the way we would want to learn if one of our own dog's was suffering from the conditions described. We hope to live up to this standard and we ask that our readers provide input when they believe we don't or if there is some new veterinary development that we should be aware of.

Please with your suggestions, ideas or canine health question. Questions are selected each week which are answered for free. We are researching new topics each week, so if you don't find the information you are looking for, just click the "contact us" link below. 

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