Giardia: Treatment

Treating giardia can be challenging. It is commmon for a puppy to test positive, then be treated, only to have the giardia test positive again. This is even after multiple rounds of treatment and good hygiene such as hosing down any stools, using doggie bags for stools adn thoroughly cleaning areas that may have been infected.

dog giardia treatment
Dog Giardia Treatment is Required for Symptoms Such as Canine Diarrhea

Giardia Treatment:

Researchers believe that more work is needed to truly understand the disease. On the basis of poor information about the mode of action of this protozoan, there is no approved specific treatment currently available. Anti-parasitic drugs are used for treating giardiasis. Several anti-parasitic drugs, like Metronidazole (Flagyl) and Fenbendazole are the most effective treatments, with the later haveing no reported side effects. Additionally, this drug can be used in pregnant and lactating animals without any risk. Another combination of Praziquantel, febantel, and pyrantel pamoate decreases the excretion of cysts in feces and significantly controls diarrhea, thus reducing the chance of polluting the environment and transmission to other pets.

Addressing Giardia Symptoms

Though specific medications can significantly control symptoms, veterinarians usually do not recommend excessive and prolonged use of these drugs. It is always better to separately control symptoms with supportive measures and symptomatic drugs. Several drugs which control intestinal motility, increases absorption of water and nutrients in intestine and enhancing appetite are prescribed along with specific anti-parasitic drugs.

Similarly, dehydrated dogs with giardia are administered excessive fluids through oral and intravenous routes. Supportive supplements can enhance appetite and degrading body conditions.

Boosting the Immune System

Many owners like to combine prescrption approaches with natural products that can boost the immune system. In addition to a high quality diet, commercially available natural remedies can potentially help. Consider products like Natural Moves for Pets, which can help to control diarrhea and make the stool firm, Digestive Support , to support the digestive system and help with the absorption of nutrients and Parasite Dr. to help combat the protozoal infestation, improve the immune system, and sooth the digestive tract.

Supportive supplements such as probiotics/digestive enzymes and L-Glutamine can help to improve the overall absorption of nutrients. Natural remedies and supportive supplements are recommended for not only improving body condition.  As puppies mature, their immune system should also strengthen and hopefully elimiate any longer term recurrence.