Heart and Blood: Blood Type

Different Dog Blood Types:

The Dog blood type or blood group is described on the basis of seven (7) different types of blood products, called “Dog Erythrocytes Antigen”, abbreviated DEA. The following is an overview of the different dog blood types or groups based upon the independent antigen system defined by researchers.


In all thirteen occurring dog blood types, it should be noted that clinically only five groups are important, which are described above. Therefore the anti-serum of only these of these groups is available commercially. There has been little research done on the biochemical functioning of blood, which is why the available information about different dog blood types and canine blood chemistry is very limited.

Blood typing and the risks associated with incompatibility are relatively low in dogs; due to the reduced numbers of natural antibodies. However, dog owners must be aware of a dog's blood type, as it may be required in emergencies. In cases, where dogs have a negative DEA 1.1 blood type, this is considered safe for any type of blood transfusion and for making a dog blood donation. Sometimes the incompatibility of blood type DEA 1.1 can be fatal or at least causes severe hemolysis of transfused blood cells.