Digestive System: Bowel Movement


The most common dog bowel movement issue tends to be diarrhea, followed next by constipation. Dog parents are also frequently concerned about any dog bowel obstruction.  Typically, if a dog has diarrhea, s/he will range back and forth between one extreme and the other before the situation settles and their bowel movements are more “normal.”

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Keep in mind as well that what is “normal” for your dog and someone else’s may be two different things. So, just because the neighbor’s dog may have a loose stool and yours does not, may simply mean they’re being fed a grain based diet that produces large amounts of loose stool, while yours is being fed a high end holistic brand that does not produce copious quantities of loose stool.

What we’re aiming to provide you with is a guideline to dog bowel movement problems that really “are” a problem and need vet treatment.

Dog Bowel Diseases (in alphabetical order)