Husky puppy with unusual echo finding

by Paul Harrald

Hello, my female husky (15 months old) has had a heart murmur from young puppy hood (I bought her from a pet farm in Singapore - don't do the same if you happen to be over here). She is small for her age.

Finally, one month ago, I took her for an ultrasound.

What we saw were three masses in the RV on the endocardium on the septal side. They looked like small polyps - but the vet reckoned they were "well etched into septal muscle". One of these masses prevents full closure of the valve - but closure is pretty good at rest.

What could these be - that are probably congenital, or at least developed very early on? Surely not a malignancy?

By the way, Reya is very happy, lively still, but has an obvious cardiac insufficiency.

Would love to hear your thoughts,


Editor Comment Puppy Echo Finding

Dear Paul,

I’m sorry to hear about your puppy’s heart condition. This is an unusual situation.

I would have to agree that the most likely cause of the masses in her heart is a congenital or developmental abnormality. Taking into account her age, a malignancy is unlikely, although not impossible.

If you have not already taken her to a veterinary cardiologist, this would be your next step. He or she could give you the best idea as to what her long term prognosis might be as well as whether any treatment is available that might improve her cardiac function at this point.

A repeat ultrasound, perhaps 6-12 months after her first, could also give you an idea whether the puppy heart disease is progressing.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Jan 05, 2011
Unusual echo finding
by: Paul

There are no canine cardiologists here in Singapore.

I did a little more work on this, and found some similar findings in horses.

In those cases, the growths were vegetations - and I think my dog may have something similar.

I will repeat ultrasound shortly and have another look...


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