Causes of Red Welt on Dog Snout

by A. Long
(Athens Ga)

Red Welt on Dog Snout When First Appeared

Red Welt on Dog Snout When First Appeared

Red Welt on Dog Snout When First Appeared
Red Welt on Dog Nose after Treatment with Neosporin
Red Bump on Dog Nose

The first occurrenceof a red welt on my dogs snout occurred one month ago. I found apea sized welt on left side of the snout. It looked like pimple and it lasted about 2-3 weeks. I applied Neosporinand it healed on its own and any missing hair came back.

The second occurrence: (see pictures) The Welt on the nose or snout is back and it is now larger in size, about the size of a nickel. First picture - hair falls out on the red swollen area. And the Whisker looks infected. I applied a warm compress, Neosporin, and cleansed the area with hydrogen peroxide. Two days later second picture was taken, the infected area looks cleaner, but the main whisker in question is no longer visible and must have fallen out on its own. But now a second whisker looks to be in question , near the bottom of the raised area. I continued treatment with a warm compress, topical cream, and peroxide. Today the picture looks a little crusty again bottom whisker is still intact.

My dog is playful continues with a great appetite. My dog does not scratch or rub her face. But she does not like the creams and constant wasjing. The first occurrence of the infected area occurred while my puppy was on IAMS premium protective puppy food. When the welt came I noticed this one whisker was very involved in the center of the area but it never fell out and the pea sized pimple subsided on its’ own with the Neosporin. My vet saw it, and felt it was going away on its own so
no vet intervention at that time.

About a month ago I switched her food to Fish and potato L.I.D. by Natural Balance, (due to the reason my 8 year old GSD male has bad ear infections and we thought it food related, and since feeding FP his ears have been great and I also wanted to feed them both the same food).

So I don't feel any particular food has caused this. Also for my puppy, I have seen no other signs of skin problems, her coat is very healthy and shiny, no other signs of rash or any other skin issues. no ear or yeast problems are noted. No teeth or gum problems noted. Puppy is on Iverheart (heartworm prevention) since 8 weeks old, and also using AdvantixII flea tick and mite repellent.

Veterinarian Suggestion For Treating a Dog Nose Welt on Snout


The quickest and easiest way to determine the cause of the lump on your dog’s face is to have your veterinarian perform a needle biopsy. This is a simple procedure that can usually be done with the dog awake or under light sedation. Once removed, the cell sample is put on a slide, stained, and examined under the microscope.

Your veterinarian should be able to give you a pretty good idea if the mass is a result of infection, inflammation, or even a type of benign growth common in young dogs called a histiocytoma and make treatment recommendations based on the results.

Since the mass has recurred, I do think determining exactly what is going on is now in your dog’s best interests.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Sep 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi I know this post was from some time ago, but did you find out what this was? as my dog now has EXACTLY the same thing in exactly the same place! any advice would be great! thanks!

Jan 01, 2014
Awesome!!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

What a wonderful answer. That really helps. Couldn't have figured that on our own! Keep up the great work!

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