Canine Scabies Treatment

by Graciela
(Dallas, Texas)

Reader Question: How Do I Treat Scabies?

I have two 5 months pit bulls and they both have it, but Noel the oldest has it real bad. I really want to do something for my babies please help me!

Vet Responds to Reader Inquiry with Product Recommendations for Treating Dog With Scabies


My favorite treatment for sarcoptic mange in dogs (i.e., scabies) is Revolution. Applying it to the skin once takes care of most infestations, but to be on the safe side, I often prescribe a second dose to be given a month later.

All dogs in the house must be treated to prevent one from acting as a “safe harbor” that can then be a source of future infestations. Have your dogs been diagnosed with scabies via skin scrapings? Revolution is a wonderful product but it won’t cure some of the other conditions that can look a lot like sarcoptic mange in dogs.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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