Can Scabies Spread When Dogs Play Together?

by Anonymous

If a dog plays with another dog that has scabies for 2or 3 hours, can the other dog contract it instantly? Is there a way to tell your dog has contracted scabies if he/she bites there backside once or twice a day?

Editor Response - Can dogs playing together spread scabies?

Canine scabies or sarcoptic dog mange is a highly contagious condition which is readily transmitted on contact between 2 dogs.

The clinical status of mange or said another way, a dog is said to have mange when it shows signs and symptoms of the condition. However, it is possible that the healthy dog that isn't showing symptoms is in fact a carrier of mange. When a dog is a carrier, but doesn't show symptoms, it is called asymptomatic or a incognito carrier of canine scabies. This can be the case even if you are grooming the dog well.

The incubation period for scabies in dogs varies from 10 days to 8 weeks. It depends on the level of exposure, number of mites transmitted, body site, and immunity(especially skin). So if a dog was to show scabies symptoms, it could take up to 8 weeks.

As a precaution, we'd suggest keeping the two dogs apart. Keep the dog that is showing symptoms away from the diseased dog.

The diseased dog should be isolated and treated with an over the counter lime-sulfur dip such as Naturasil for Pet Mange. It is mixed with your dog's shampoo, or
better yet a natural shampoo made to help dogs with mites such as Mange Mites Shampoo.

For the carrier or healthy dog, as a precaution, it should also be treated with preventive doses of a lime-sulfur dip (such as the Naturasil). The dog can also benefit from the use of an additional skin remedy to help improve skin and immune system health such as Skin and Coat Tonic.

Since the healthy dog has been biting its backside, it is possible that it has ingested some parasites as well. As a preventive measure, we suggest using a herbal remedy meant for digestive health and detoxification such as Parasite Dr.

Scabies mites can be spread to humans. Because of this, be careful when while handling both dogs. Wash all belongings in hot water with a quality detergent. Disinfect your dogs environment with a disinfectant made to kill parasites such as Benzarid to ensure the complete eradication of the mites.

Treat both dogs properly, according to the directions of the manufacturer and monitor their condition. Dog Scabies symptoms usually start at the abdomen, chest, ears and elbows.

Try these preventive measures first. If you notice any unusual symptoms, or rapidly progressing signs of the condition, its best to consult a nearby veterinarian for systemic treatment. In addition to the specific treatment recommended by the veterinarian, you can continue using skin tonics and herbal shampoos.

Best of luck with the dog scabies problem and with preventing the spread of scabies from dog to dog.

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