Can Adult Mange Spread to Puppies?

by Anonymous

I currently had a litter of puppies and the puppies are now 10 weeks old, but the mother is now having mange like symptoms. I am trying to keep her confined because I don't want the puppies to get it, what can i do from home to treat it???

Editor Suggestions - How to Prevent Adult Mange From Causing Mange in Puppies

Thank you for your question and sorry to hear about the dog mange and puppy mange problem.

Dog Mange is a parasitic disease, which can be transmitted to other pets as well, so it is always better to isolate the affected dog. Also, puppies are more susceptible to mange since their immunity is still developing, which continues until they reach adulthood. This is why puppies should be kept in a hygienic and mite free environment (mites cause mange)

There are several types of dog mange, which can cause skin lesions in different patterns. For specific treatment it is always required that the exact causative mite species be identified. This way the patient can be treated according to the exact cause and the severity of any dog mange symptoms.

For example, it means that selected therapies, dosage and frequency of administration should be decided accordingly, along with any additional supportive requirements. However, as it seems that the dog mange condition is relatively mild in nature, you can use a home preventive treatment plan.

Start by bathing all of your dogs (mother and puppies) with a quality herbal shampoo such as Mange Mites Shampoo. This will not only help to eliminate any superficial mites, but will also soothe and clean the

Additionally, the patient that is showing symptoms of mange should be treated with a lime-sulfur dip, such as the one that can be purchased online from Dermisil. You can follow the instructions of the manufacturer or repeat the dips every ten days for at least one month.

Additionally, to improve skin health and the dogs immune status, use a natural tonic on the skin such as Pet Alive Skin and Coat Tonic.

Also, be sure to disinfect the environment around your dogs to be sure that it is clear of any mites and bacteria that could cause an infection in addition to the mange. Use a quality disinfectant such as Benzarid, which is made specifically for this purpose. Spray the disinfectant/Benzarid around your home and on the lawn.

Also, wash all of your dog's belongings with a quality detergent, in hot water to eliminate all the mites that might be hiding.

You might have already initiated the vaccination plan for your puppies, but remember, it is better to consult a veterinarian before you vaccinate puppies. It is possible that all the puppies, due to the mange problem, are under stress and therefore they might require additional time before they are vaccinated.

These recommendations should work well, but in case the dog mange symptoms persist or if you see puppy manage symptoms, or if you notice anything unusual developing in your adult dogs or puppies, it is better to consult a nearby veterinarian for a detailed examination and more specific treatment based on the diagnosis provided.

Please keep us up to date on your dog's condition and base of luck to you and your dogs.

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