Treatment for Hypothyroidism in Dogs

The vets found protein and blood in the urine and that the soloxin had no effect on the thyriod. She is now coughing up green flem and balding still symmetrically on both sides of the back.

Also she is hanging her head low as if cowering and seems in pain. I have given her tramodel off the vet as she has bad arthritis as well.

I have paid vet fees of £300+ so far but not getting any results what the problem actually is. Be glad if you could.

Any Suggestions?

Dog Thyroid Treatment Suggestions from Our Veterinarian

Hello there,

Hypothyroidism can be a primary or secondary problem in dogs. This means that it can either becaused by dysfunction of the thyroid gland itself or as a result of another disease. It sounds very likely that your dog has secondary hypothyroidism, which is also called sick euthyroid syndrome. Dogs with sick euthyroid syndrome do not benefit from thyroid supplements. The underlying condition that is causing your dog’s low thyroid levels (and probably her vomiting, lethargy, coughing, and other symptoms as well) needs to be diagnosed. If it can be treated effectively, her thyroid levels should rise with time and require no other therapy.

If your current veterinarian is unable to get to the bottom of your dog’s problems, ask if he or she could recommend a specialist for referral.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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