Treating Dog Fleas

by Hailey
(Summerfield FL USA)

OK, so the only way for my dog to sleep in my house and sleep on my bed is if she has no fleas. Well one day I gave her a bath out side on my back porch because Ican not wash her inside (my nana said so).

So anyway I gave her a bath. I put her inside got her all dried off. I TRIED to keep her inside but someone let her out once she came back in. Of course I saw fleas on her after this happened. I gave her another bath and I had a big dead flea on my finger. I knew that the shampoo that I used worked but the thing is when I went to go check her and I saw a couple of fleas on her.

What should I do? I need help.

Vet Advice on How to Treat Dog Fleas

Hello Hailey,

Medicated baths (e.g.; >Zodiak Shampoo) do a pretty good job of killing the fleas that are currently on a dog, but they do almost nothing to prevent new fleas from hopping aboard and reproducing. Fleas have obviously taken up residence in your dog’s environment, so you now need a more aggressive flea prevention plan than simply bathing your dog when you see them.

Thankfully, many safe and effective flea preventatives are now on the market. Some are even available over the counter. Products that I routinely recommend include themonthly topical preparations that contain the active ingredient fipronil (e.g., Frontlineor its generic equivalent,Revolutionor Serestofor those owners who prefer a flea collar.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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