Treating Canine Staph Infection

by Ann Lee
(Butler, Georgia)

Reader Question: How To Treat A Dog's Staph Infection

Tosha is a 12 year old 3 lb. Maltese, so precious. She has developed a staph infection and she is now on a second round of antibiotics. 3 weeks ago Clavamox 2 x daily. It improved some. Back to vet and now on clindamycin 2 x daily. Is there anything else that I can do for her? I was wondering about a shampoo to use and some kind of medication to use on these sores. She really doesn’t feel good. Can you please advise?

Veterinarian's Advice Regarding How To Treat A Staph Infection


Yes, topical treatments for skin infections can be very helpful, in addition to oral antibiotics in severe cases. I don’t know the particulars of Tosha’s case so I can’t make a specific recommendation as to what type of shampoo, etc. might work best, but I frequently recommend products that contain the active ingredient chlorhexidine when treating bacterial skin infections.

Canine skin infections can be difficult to eradicate. I typically treat for at least three weeks and for five days after all clinical signs of the infection have disappeared to reduce the chances of a relapse. If the infection fails to respond to appropriate treatment or comes back repeatedly, it’s time to look for an underlying cause.

Allergies, hormonal disorders, immune-mediated diseases, some types of cancer, metabolic issues, parasitic infestations, and more can all cause dogs to develop secondary bacterial infections of the skin that won’t resolve unless the primary problem is also dealt with.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Feb 10, 2015
my maltese
by: Anonymous

I have owned ninw maltese and one of my babies developed the same condition. It was finally diagnosed as a thyroid condition. Clamo,atopia, diet foods did not work. Vets are hard up for business and drag out a dogs condition for months to years if its not serious just to stay in business i believe.

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