Treating a Dog Skin Growth

by Carl
(Stanford, KY)

Reader Question:

I have a 9 y/o Rhodesian Ridgeback, with a solid, round, black, dime sized, mobile (not fixed to anything deep), raised growth on his lower neck which has been slowly growing for 8 years. Now there are multiple new growths appearing on his left rear leg, which are growing faster than the original (two months vs years). They do not seem to cause him pain nor other problems.

These growths do not appear to match any of the tumors or lesions described in the web site. He is a very large dog, 160 lbs, with swollen, inflamed joints, causing him to limp.

Treated with glucosamine/chondroitin daily for over 4 years. Flea treatment prophetically, neutered. No other health problems, appetite good, no changes in his food. We live very far from any vet and cannot readily access anyone. Any ideas how to help him or just ignore the new growths?

Suggestions from our Veterinarian:

Hello Carl,

Unfortunately it’s impossible to determine what a mass is just by looking at it, even with the help of pictures. Sometimes a veterinarian can make a diagnosis with a simple test that involves removing a few cells with a needle, placing them on a slide, staining them, and looking at them under a microscope. In other cases, a biopsy is necessary.

Without an accurate diagnosis, making a recommendation regarding treatment is also impossible. Your best option is to make an appointment with a veterinarian for the next time you make a trip to town.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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