Smelly Dog Caused by Yeast Infection

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Our beagle is 17 years old. Smelled really bad. Took her to the vet and was checked for a thyroid problem. She had a thyroid problem and is taking levothyroxine0.3mg tab. 11/2 pill 2 x a day.

We have been washing her with Dermazole presciption shampoo 2 or 3 times a wk. But she stinks bad after 24 hrs. Also tried some prescription shampoo that starts with a K with no luck. do not know what to do.

We cannot stand the odor. She smells like her ears when she gets an infection but all over her body and our whole house PLEASE help us.

Thank you,


Vet Suggestion

Hi Kathy,

It sounds like your beagle could have a yeast infection affecting her skin. Your veterinarian can easily check for this by taking a sample of material off the surface of her skin (I use clear adhesive tape to do this), staining it, and looking at it under the microscope. If her symptoms are as bad as you say and it is a yeast infection, the microorganisms should be readily visible using this technique.

Hypothyroidism can predispose dogs to yeast infections, so definitely continue with your levothyroxine. Both of the shampoos that you mention (assuming the second one was ketoconazole) treat yeast infections but some of these cases need to be on an oral anti-fungal medication as well.

Call your veterinarian with an update and see what he or she recommends.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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