Puppy Head Wound Will Not Heal

(Redditch, worcs,united kingdom)

Reader Question Puppy Head Wound

Hi..hope you can advise me..

I believe that a week or so ago my pup cut the top of her head running through brambles...I noticed small, bloody area top of head (like a scratch).

Several days later I noticed a hard, black flattened 'lump' where the cut had been. Thinking she had just scratched top of healing scab I just cleaned and left it to heal. Now, 2 weeks later its still there, maybe bigger, about size of 5p coin (1 to 2 cm) Sometimes it bleeds (maybe she scratches/rubs it? Is it just the cut healing and forming a scab? I have cleaned area and it is slighty bloody stain on cleaning cloth. When touched my dog seems sensitive.

My dog is a female poodle mix.

Thank you

Vet Suggestion Regarding Puppy Head Wound and Failure to Heal


After two weeks, a minor wound should have healed more completely than what you have described. It is possible that the area has become infected, or that it never was a wound in the first place.

Your best option is to get her in to your veterinarian. He or she can clip the hair away from the area, clean it up, get a good look at what is going on, and come up with an appropriate treatment protocol.

Be aware that if this area hurts, your dog may need to be sedated for these procedures.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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