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Puppy Bronchopneumonia reader question:

My puppy (6 months) has recently been diagnosed with bronchopneumonia through an X-ray. She has been on three different antibiotics (Cephalexin, Clavamox drops, and Simplicef 100mg, respectively) spread over two months. We got her from a pet store and she came with the cough and it's been two months now and she is still coughing. Her cough started out as dry nonproductive cough but now it's productive cough with large amount of phlegm on three occasions these past few days.

Our vet has finally decided on an x-ray and diagnosed her with bronchopneumonia. We're also waiting for the complete blood count and the super chemistry profile. She recommended that we go to another hospital to see if other vets can help. Right now, i'm having trust issues because my pup has been coughing for 2 months and she still doesn't have a treatment that works. Any advice?

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I’m sorry to hear about the ordeal you and your new puppy have been through. She’s lucky to have found a dedicated owner like you.

If your current veterinarian has recommended referral to another hospital, I’d go. Referral is perfectly normal when doctors find themselves in situations that they are unable to handle well. This may be true because of a lack of necessary equipment or supplies, a lack of specialized expertise, or simply because everything they’ve tried hasn’t worked. I respect your veterinarian for essentially saying “I’m not sure what’s going on here; let’s find someone who can help.” This should increase your trust in her rather than decrease it.

As for what’s going on with your pup, some causes of coughing in dogs can take a long time to clear up so your situation isn’t all that out of the ordinary. It is possible that the microorganism to blame is not a bacteria, perhaps you’re dealing with a viral or even a fungal infection and that is why multiple antibiotics aren’t working.

Your dog may need some advanced diagnostic testing to determine what the underlying cause of the pneumonia is and what appropriate treatment for her should be.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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