Puppy Bloody Stool

by Gary

We have a puppy we recently rescued from a parking lot. They were giving them away. we noticed she had trouble going #2. Then we noticed some fresh red blood when she passed a group of what looked like fibers or fabric. We figured out that it looked like the fibers from her dog bed.... we thought it was over.

Then tonight it started all over again with the dog squatting and blood coming out. The strange thing is this seems to be the only problem...she is wagging her tale, eating and drinking, energetic and acting like a puppy should...her nose is damp and cool............we are going to watch her closely tonight and go to the vet tomorrow if needed......any help or answers would be appreciated....

she is our family....

she has had all her shots...

Editor Comment Puppy Bloody Stool

Hi Gary,

What you have seen in your puppy’s stool could be fibers from something that she ate that are irritating her intestinal tract on their way out and causing the bleeding. Another thought: could they be worms? Hookworms and roundworms can look a little “thread-like.”

This doesn’t sound like an emergency since your pup seems to feel well otherwise, but your thought to bring her in to the vet in the morning is the right one.

Blood in the stool shouldn’t be ignored.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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