My Dog's Eye Keeps Watering at Night

by Becky
(New Zealand)

Recently my Sheltie's left eye has been watering leaving a big wet patch under his eye, but it only seems to happen briefly in the evenings. The rest of the day it looks fine. Sometimes he winces with it, as if there's something in it. However we can't see anything and most of the time it looks fine. Should we take him to the vet or see if it clears up by itself?

Thank you!

Editor Suggestion Canine Watery Eyes

Dear Becky,

Thank you for your question regarding a canine watery eye.

Dog eyes can be affected by numerous conditions. These conditions can be infectious and non infectious. However, if only one of the two eyes is involved, it is usually related to some type of non infectious cause, such as injury, blockage or any other similar issue.

For dog eye problems and issues such as canine watery eyes, we should never take a "wait and see" approach until the condition matures, since the eyes are delicate organs. Once the problem has matured, there is a chance of permanent and irreversible loss of eye function. Therefore, it is recommended that you should preferably see a veterinary ophthalmologist for a detailed examination and confirmation of any problem.

As far as the symptoms of persistent canine eye watering and severity in the evening is concerned, this may be related to some type of mechanical problem with the drainage of tears. You should closely watch for any other unusual symptoms such as redness, possible discharge and if your dog feels irritation inside the eye ball.

The wet patch under your dogs eye is probably irritating the surface below the eye, causing discomfort. Remember, the wet patch is suitable for microbial growth, which can lead to secondary complications. So, you should regularly clean over and below the surface of the eye with cleaning pads and for support, use a natural remedy to maintain dog eye health. A good choice for dog eye cleaning pads is R-7 Dog Sterile Eye Wash Pads. In terms of natural remedies, a product formulated specifically to support canine eye health is Eye Heal.

Your dog needs to be clinically examined to confirm the cause of the exact problem. You should not waste time by waiting and looking for any kind of self resolution. It's better to follow the aforementioned supportive tips and consult a veterinary ophthalmologist for confirmation and specific treatment.

Best wishes to you and your dog and please keep us up to date on the canine watery eye problem.

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