Multiple Dog Warts

by Lobara

Hi.. my lab is three and she currently has multiple dog warts in various sizes in her mouth (including the roof) and one on the eye lid. (I suspected that she caught it from another dog of ours who caught the wart at age one and now is supposedly immune to the virus.)

The vet gave her some medicine to help control the warts (and they are going away). He also suggested to keep her from other dogs who have not been exposed to the wart up to 4 months.

I read your article and you are saying a couple months. Do I need to wait 4 months so she doesn't give it to other dogs?

Editor Comments Multiple Dog Warts

Excellent question. We honestly don’t know exactly how long dogs with the canine papilloma virus are contagious. My general recommendation is to wait until all the warts are completely gone and then another couple of weeks before bringing your dog to places where she could come in contact with dogs with no immunity to the virus.

The good news is that most dogs with these types of warts get better. The bad news is that in can take a long time.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates

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