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I have a 1 1/2 year old bloodhound. Right now she weighs 105 lbs, was getting moderate exercise, and didn't look overweight as she is big boned and she was fed ad-lib.

In the last couple of weeks, she has had a leg injury and needs surgery. Now that she is on "bed rest" How much should she weigh and how much should I be feeding her to keep her from being overweight. Also, I can't find a "diet food" at the grocery store, and I can't afford to buy food from a "doggie store".

Thank you.

Vet Suggestion Dog Weight

Hi there,

After a dog has had a significant leg injury that requires surgery to repair, keeping the dog on the lean side for the rest of its life is very important. Now is the time to start making the dietary changes that will prevent future injuries and encourage your dog to heal uneventfully after surgery.

According to the energy requirement calculator that I use, your dog should be taking in 1269 kcal/per day (give or take a bit) for weight loss. FYI, a kcal is the same as a calorie in human dietary circles. Try to find several good foods that list their caloric contents on their labels. Pick the one with the lowest caloric density (e.g., 250 kcal/cup versus 325 kcal/cup). This allows you to feed more volume, which should help your dog feel fuller. Once you pick a food, do the calculations to figure out how much your dog can eat per day.

This should be all your dog eats – no treats or extras. Simply, use the food as a treat and subtract the amount you offer from the total allowed.

If exercise is impossible for the time being , you might find you need to feed a little less than your calculations recommend. Your goal is to help your dog lose approximately two percent of her body weight per month. In her case, 2 pounds a month would be a good goal.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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