Help for Dog Leg Injury

Red with Dog Leg Injury

Red with Dog Leg Injury

Our little boy "Red" has some sort of injury that is hard to tell where it's at. We can't afford an x-ray. He was put on muscle relaxers and anti inflammatories. He still can walk. He can't jump up on anything like he usually does. He is only 4 years old. He still eats and is part chihuahua, part dachshund.

Editor Suggestion


Without examining Red, I can’t say too much about what his particular injury might be, but I have a few recommendations that certainly wouldn’t do any harm.

First of all, make sure he rests his leg. Treat him like you would treat yourself if you had a very badly sprained ankle. It’s ok for him to walk outside to use the bathroom, walk around the house, etc., but no jumping or running until he looks like he is back to normal and then gradually let him become more and more active.

The whole process could take a month or more. Consider putting him on a nutritional supplement that can help with joint injuries. Dasuquin, Cosequin and Glycoflex are commonly prescribed brand names.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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