Ear Plugs for Perforated Dog Ear Drum

by Yvette
(scotland uk)

I have a 18 month old cocker spaniel, she has got a perforated ear drum on her left side and needs to have some protection from water especially as she loves swimming anything on the market that would protect her.

Editor Suggestion regarding Ear Plugs for Perforated Dog Ear Drum

Dear Yvette,

As long as you are treating the condition that led to the perforation, her ear drum should heal (perhaps in two or three weeks or so). It is probably best not to allow her to swim while her ear drum is healing as no ear plug is 100% guaranteed to keep water out of the ear.

But, if her condition has led to a canine ear drum that will not heal even with appropriate treatment, which does occur sometimes, cotton balls are probably the safest way to go. Soak them in a little mineral oil to repel water but be sure to squeeze out the excess so it doesn’t drip down the canals.

Keep in mind that many dogs seem to hate to have anything in their ears, so there is a good chance that your cocker will not stand for any type of ear plug.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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