Dog Wrist Sprain Not Healing

by Marcia

My dog is a spayed female lab rottweiler mix around 9 years old and it is uncertain how she got injured but her left front leg has a bad wrist sprain and it has been over a month and she still can't walk well, sometimes it's better than other times.

My vet took x rays and there seemed to be no fracture or bone tumor but the joint was definitely swollen. He prescribed Rimadyl and tramadol for the pain and warm compresses but she seems to be in pain much of the time and too much tramadol at once makes her breathing heavy and labored so I have been giving her the tramadol one at a time in four or five hour intervals.

We live in a two story house and we sleep upstairs so she wants to be where we are but she is uncomfortable at night and often keeps us awake and climbing the stairs probably doesn't help.

He didn't put a splint on is a splint standard procedure? And how long should it be for a cure? She weighs about 100 lbs but has been losing weight. She needed to anyway and she will eat but definitely isn't interested in food as much as she was.

I am concerned about her condition and have thought of getting a second opinion. Any suggestions on where to go from here would be appreciated.

Veterinarian Suggestions Regarding Dog Sprain Treatment


I am also concerned about your dog’s condition. A simple dog strain or sprain should have improved by now.

I think the next, logical step is a repeat physical examination and x-ray of the affected area. I hate to say it, but bone tumors (e.g., osteosarcoma) are very common in Rotties, and they can be hard to see on x-rays early in the course of the disease.

It is possible that an x-ray now might look very different from the one that was taken over a month ago. Of course, other conditions could also be to blame for your dog’s condition, but I think repeat x-rays are a good place to start regardless.

A second opinion, especially with a doctor that specializes in orthopedic issues, certainly wouldn’t hurt.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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