Dog Urinary Issues from Injury

by Tim and Vetenarian Recommendation
(Butler, TX)

Reader Question: Expressing Dog Bladder after Injury

My 8 month old Tennessee walker hound "Rosie" got away from me on Halloween, & was hit by a car. She is on the mend, but has issues releasing her bladder.

Watching a video on line I've learned how to express her bladder. I have been giving her bethanichol, but it doesn't seem to be working. It's almost like she can't relax her urethra enough to get the flow going, & the only way to empty her out is with my hands.

Will this improve with time? Is there a medication to help the urethra relax?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Vet Suggestion Treating Dog Bladder Injury

Hi Tim,

I’m sorry to hear about Rosie. In addition to the bethanechol which helps her bladder contract, I would add one of two medicines that help the urethra relax – either phenoxybenzamine or prazosin. This should make expressing her bladder easier for you and reduce the chances that you might inadvertently rupture her bladder by pushing too hard.

It can take a couple of months or even longer to know for sure if the nerve function to her bladder is going to return. I’ve got my fingers crossed for both of you.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Feb 03, 2012
Rosie's recovery from Canine Urinary Problem
by: Tim

It took several weeks of giving Rosie a hand doing her business but it really paid off. As the damage from her injury healed, & by keeping her bladder emptied out on a regular schedule and the bethanichol, she made an incredible recovery.

After about 3 weeks of helping her she began to avoid me when I tried to help. I'ld watch her, & sure enough she was managing by herself. Slowly at first, but pretty much back to normal in another week.

Thanks to the help from my vet, & Tyler from Buffalo Animal Hospital, the whole thing is now just a bad memory. She's off of the bethanichol too!

Rosie was spayed on jan. 28th, & has her "Home Again" chip, & I'm looking forward to a lasting relationship with her.

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