Dog Skin Sore Treatment

by Febe

Reader Question: How To Remove Sores From Dog Skin Following Cancer Treatment

My dog was diagnosed with mammary cancer. She had surgery to remove the tumor but she had sores that would not heal. Doc only gave me a blue antiseptic wash but did not prescribe any cream to apply or any oral medicine. I went to another vet and was given hydrogen peroxide to wash and dermavet cream and baneocin powder and another cream to apply. She had to go for chemo Injections weekly (metomide injection, vitamin b injection and vincristine sulfate injection) and she twitches and tremble at times. It still didn't get better.

Will cryosurgery or any other treatment help? I was told to give her wheatgrass and papaya? Are they good for her?



Vet Suggestions For Removal of Dog Skin Sores

Hi Febe,

From your description I can’t determine whether the sores that you mentioned are related to your dog’s mammary cancer or are a different problem altogether. If they are associated with the cancer, surgery to remove the affected skin would probably be your best option, although chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy might help as well.

If this is a completely unrelated problem, treatment would have to be based on the underlying cause. I don’t think the wheatgrass and papaya will make a big difference in her condition, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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