Dog Skin Rash and Ear Rash Problem

by Javier
(United States)

I have a chihuahua, which is 2 years old, who has been having some rashes on her ear, neck, elbows, and her pits. What can I do to cure my dogs rashes that are bothering her and hurting her everyday?

She was getting a little better when we bathe her with this medicated shampoo that we bought over-the-counter, but, unfortunately, her rashes came back a bit worse than last time she had them.

Although, she did appeared to always have itchy ears the last time her rashes were cured. Therefore, I believe her rashes were cured, but she still had the rash on her ears in which happen to spread around other parts of her body again.

I don't know, but it does break my heart to see my dog suffer with itchiness the whole day and everyday. If there is something you can recommend me to do, I will appreciate it a lot.

Thank you.

Editor Suggestions Regarding Dog Skin Rashes

Dear Javier,

Sorry to hear about the dog ear and skin rash problem.

Skin conditions in dogs may occur for various reasons. Dog skin rash can be a sign of a infectious or non infectious problem.

Also, dog skin conditions may involve different kinds of symptoms, which reflect the status of the condition. This includes the involvement of any secondary infections that may have taken hold and any other significant development in the diseases pathogenesis (the way the disease spreads).

It is not possible to confirm the exact condition, since rashes and the involvement of different parts of the body are relatively general symptoms. However, according to the pattern of distribution of symptoms and the response to medicated shampoos it can be assessed that this condition arises from the ears, which should be treated as a priority.

Keeping in view the current status, we do not recommend any further use of the over the counter medicated shampoo you are using, since these can lead to skin complications and also secondary bacterial agents can become more resistant towards topical medication.

It is better to go for a detailed examination, by a veterinarian so that the condition can be confirmed through laboratory tests. Treatment can then be done with the help of specific therapeutics, according to the confirmatory diagnosis.

In support, and for the time being, we recommend you use a mild medicated, herbal shampoo (containing herbal extracts and lidocaine) instead of over the counter medicated shampoo to help reducing the dog skin symptoms. In this case we suggest a product such as Dermcare Medicated Anti Itch Shampoo.

Also, clean the dog's ear regularly. We prefer that you clean the ear twice a week at first and when the condition improves, once in a two week period is enough.

Additionally, to improve dog ear health and to keep the microbial population within the normal limit, we prefer the use of a natural ear remedy such as Ear Dr.

Since, your dog's skin has become prone to microbial and environmental factors, you can also use a herbal tonic to improve skin and coat health such as the product Skin and Coat Tonic. This will surely help to improve your dog's own immunity and skin strength, which will help to prevent any possible skin problems in future.

So be sure to get a proper diagnosis from a veterinarian, switch shampoos to a gentler herbal medicated shampoo and use natural remedies to improve the condition of the ear, skin and immune system.

We hope these tips help and please keep us up to date on the dog ear problem and skin rash condition.

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