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Reader Question:Dog Skin Itch

My 2 dachshunds have developed areas where they are peeling like sunburn. Some areas have pimple like nodules that will peel off (then skin around it peels) while other areas on the lower stomach and inside thigh area just have skin that is peeling like sunburn in little sheets if skin.

Just wondering... Now that the 2nd dachshund has developed I just thought it was probably a contagious infection and will take to vet. Doesn't seem to bother them but they do scratch at it. I had been giving them fish oil everyday but have stopped thinking maybe they were allergic to it.


Vet Suggestion for Dog Skin Itch


I doubt that the fish oil is to blame for your dogs’ skin problems, but it certainly won’t hurt to take them off of it while you figure out what is going on.

I too am concerned that they have something that has spread between the two dogs so I think you are doing the right thing by taking them to your veterinarian. He or she can run skin scrapings to look for mites, cytology to rule out infection, and a fungal culture for ringworm if necessary.

Another possibility is something in the environment that is irritating their skin. Have you started using any new cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, etc. that they could be in contact with?

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Mar 23, 2012
Dog Ear Itch and Skin Itch
by: BeauPeach

I have three doggies; two Yorkies and one Poodle. They receive regular Vet care for anything. There is medication by a Vet for yeast ear infection, and it works wonderfully. Ears must be kept fairly clean of the wax and hair, which can breed nasty yeast. SEE THE VET! Bathe doggies perhaps once a month. Mine stay inside; but I came up with a wonderful idea...I bathe them in baby shampoo, then put a cupful of raw whole oatmeal in a tight-knit hosery bag in their last clean rinse water-that soothes their skin and after they soak in it a few minutes, squeeze it all over them, head to tail, then sit them without moisture to drip dry, and towel until they are manageable to comb out. I do not blow dry as this also irritates the skin, but the oatmeal helps. They can have a minor infection from ears, teeth, etc., but for their skin and coat, I give them at breakfast on their wet food, DOG cod liver oil- there is a difference in human products and doggie products, for eyes (ph is to be noted), ears, but Vet advice is BEST!

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