Dog Seasonal Eye Problem

by Chessica Greene
(Dallas, Ga)

Dog Seasonal Eye Problem

Dog Seasonal Eye Problem

I have had my dog for about 2 years now, since he was ten weeks old. Last year, when the weather started getting warm his eyes would get watery and real red. This year his eye did the same, and today his eyes started getting stuck where it only showed the white in his eyes.

We are worried and taking him to the doctor tomorrow. But we was thinking maybe it was allergies or something?

Does any one have a clue at what it may be?

Vet Suggestion

Hello Chessica,

If your dog’s eye problems are truly seasonal, allergies are possible. Rinsing your dog’s eyes with an unmedicated eye wash and applying a steroid-containing ointment will help if this is the case until whatever it is that he is allergic to stops blooming.

Other possibilities include, a wound to the surface of the eye, infection, poor tear production, glaucoma (increased pressure within the eye), and more. You did the right thing bringing your dog to the vet so quickly. Eye problems can get worse rapidly, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I hope everything has turned out well.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Apr 01, 2014
seasonal allergy NEW
by: Anonymous

My little one seems to have this problem as well. Your explanation sounds plausible and likely but I'm just wondering. Wouldn't she be sneezing if she had seasonal allergies?

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