Dog Pancreatic Cancer and Skin Sores

by Linda Citynski
(Kilbride, Ontario, Canada)

My daughter has a bit bull whom we love very much..she has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer...she has sores that keep breaking and bleeding..that isn't the worst..the worst is her one paw looks with a club foot...any suggested to relieve the pain that she must have .. cream, anti inflammatory..anything would certainly be appreciated...

We love Daisy May and don't want her to suffer.

Our Vet's Suggestions Dog Pancreatic Cancer and Skin Care

Hi Linda,

I’m so sorry to hear of your daughter’s dog’s diagnosis. It certainly sounds like she is suffering, and you are right to be concerned about her quality of life.

I don’t know what might be causing your dog’s “club foot” without seeing her, so I can’t really say what might help her. I’d recommend that you to talk to the veterinarian who diagnosed her with pancreatic cancer.

It sounds like she should be receiving pain relievers and maybe some other treatments as well, and this vet is in the best position to know what would be best for her.

If “hospice care” can’t keep Daisy May comfortable, it could be time to consider euthanasia. Relief from suffering is sometimes the last gift we can offer our beloved pets.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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