Dog Ear Hematoma Treatment with No Surgery

by Rebecca

Is there a none surgical cure for dog ear hematoma that entails all of a Chinese Cresteds ear?

Editor Suggestion: Dog Ear Hematoma Treatment with No Surgery

Dear Rececca,

Thank you for your question.

Dog ear hematoma refers to the accumulation of fluids (blood, lymph etc.) over the concave surface of ear,located in between the ear skin and cartilage.

Dog ear hematoma occurs as the result of the rupturing of minor capillaries or small veins on the ear surface, under the skin. It can be mild to severe, which most of the time is treated surgically.

In some cases, depending upon the status and severity of the condition, it may be treated non – surgically, but it should never be considered as a true treatment.

If, the dog ear hematoma is fresh, and is of minor importance, i.e. does not cause an immediate and vast inflammatory response, it can be treated by applying tapes on both the inner and outer surface of the ear. This should be able to restrict fluid from accumulating over the surface.

Also, these tapes should keep both the surfaces, skin and cartilage intact, so that blood escape can be minimized or so that clotting is facilitated. In addition, gentle massage should be done, which will keep fluid dispersed over the surface which will then be gradually absorbed.

In case the dog ear hematoma is acute and severe, there is no other
way to treat it, except surgery. These procedures also vary. Dogs in which the ear anatomy is feared to be deformed, fluid is drained with help of syringe, and if needed a cannula (tube) is passed for continuous drainage.

On the other hand, an incision might be required for complete drainage along with the application of local healing remedies.

Remember, dog ear hematoma treatment solely depends upon the status and acuteness of the hematoma. It cannot be related to the willingness of an owner or other factors. By using a minor incision and by applying post surgical sutures, any impact on the anatomical features of the ear can be limited.

Dog ear hematoma is never a primary condition itself, it is secondary or caused by another dog ear condition, such as a parasitic infestation, infection or other ear problems. Along with treatment of the hematomas, “ear canal health” should also be maintained to prevent the recurrence of the dog ear hematoma. It should be noted that recurring hematoma is more severe and usually cannot be treated without surgical procedures.

Natural remedies such as Ear Dr. are one way to treat minor ear health problems, while usage of specific therapeutics prescribed by a veterinarian is another way to treat both minor and major issues related to dog ear health.

Please keep on us to date on how the dog ear hematoma treatment worked out and how the ear healed.

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Jul 17, 2021
Dog Hematoma Home Remedy NEW
by: Daniel Whitton

Aural Hematomas can be repaired without surgery, if addressed early before the blood clots in the ear flap. A hypodermic needle aspiration allows for the removal of the fluids without wounding or cutting into the ear, and keeps from requiring sutures to be placed. Multiple veterinary surgical procedures should be avoided if possible. The simple needle aspiration will not fix the hematoma. The ear hematoma fix is an Auralsplint applied after initial aspiration. This non-surgical, non-wounding, FDA concluded Class 1 medical device is used to allow the ear to heal in its normal shape to prevent shriveling and allow for complete healing of the tissues back together again. Researched, developed, and documented, the Auralsplint works for early onset hematoma in canine.

Mar 05, 2020
Auralsplint Aural Hematoma Treatment Canine
by: Daniel

Never have surgery. Go to the vet before 6-7 days from onset and have a hypodermic needle aspiration. This allows you four days to order and receive an Auralsplint.org treatment kit. The Auralsplint sounds simple, and it is. Aspirate, prep the ear with tape, tape on the plates and remove in two weeks. The process uses the animal's own abilities to rebuild the broken tissues while holding the ear in its natural shape. Proven through a five year study. Patented now available to you by order only. Visit site for criteria and much more info.

Jul 03, 2014
Not exactly... NEW
by: Mad Scientist

Ear hematomas do not require surgery. Although this is "standard practice" it is not necessarily the best option. Surgery can be complicated and end with pretty much the same result as other treatment options. Hematomas can resolve on their own, or they can be drained and splinted. I would suggest doing some research and having a discussion with one or more vets-- do not assume that surgery is the only way to go.

Jun 07, 2012
"Aural Splint" - Aural Hematoma non-surgical Treatment NEW
by: Daniel Whitton

The newest treatment for aural hematomas in pendant eared animals is the "Aural Splint". The treatment is non-surgical and corrective as well as inhibits the cauliflower scarring associated with no treatment. The "Aural Splint" treatment cost is far less than surgery and should be installed by your veterinarian. If interested, have your vet email me, Daniel, at DFWCarpentry@verizon.net with ear dimensions, height and width at base, to have a custom splint created and shipped next day.

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