Dog Bleeding Eye

by Jenna Rose
(Buffalo, NY)

Buddy around 8 months old. he is now 3 years.. =)

Buddy around 8 months old. he is now 3 years.. =)

I have a spaniel mix of some sort. He has always had the normal, slightly runny eye discharge - but lately it has been a tad thicker and, at random times of the day, blood will show up in the discharge.

At first I thought he was just scratching the corner of his eye by accident- but after the one side healed up-- the other started doing the same thing. It kind of looks like he may be starting to lose a tiny bit of fur around the corners of his eyes, but I can't tell if it's from him scratching or what (but i never see him scratch it)... right when i think it's getting better-- it just starts up again. (even though it's only been about a week or so) he has been acting like his normal self and isn't really pawing at his eyes at all- (only when I put a warm, wet wash cloth on his eyes, but he's always done that).

Anyway -- I've done my research and am scared- I just wanna know if there is any thing I can do to see if it gets better before I take him to the vet. (times are rough and i don't wanna take him and spend $200 just for the vet to tell me it's just allergies and to keep soaking it with warm water)

Dould it be from the cold, dry, winter air?

Ahh! Has any one with a spaniel had this problem?


--Jenna & Buddy /^-^\

Editor Suggestion Dog Bleeding Eye

Dear Jenna,

There are a few things that you can try at home that might help and at least won’t do any harm to Buddy’s eyes. First of all you can try rinsing them a few times a day with an un-medicated dog eye wash. This could help if allergies or irritants are a problem. You actually want to wash off the surface of the eye with a product like this, not just wipe the fur and skin around it.

It would also be safe to try a lubricant like GenTeal PM Eye Ointment. If the dry air is a problem or if he is beginning to lose the ability to make sufficient amounts of tears, this could make him feel a lot better.

Of course, if Buddy’s eyes get worse or don’t improve with the above, see your veterinarian for a definitive diagnosis. Some eye problems can get worse very quickly.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Dec 01, 2011
thank you!
by: Jenna & Buddy /[^-^]\

Thank you for your response! i ended up taking him to my local Petco vet clinic-- and the vet gave me some anti-biotic eye ointment (for under his eyes) and it healed right up ^_^ wahoo! <3 neuter & spay! ...till they all have a home <3 CHOOSE ADOPTION!

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