Does my dog have canine fungus or mange?

by Gregg Bell
(Vancouver Canada)

Reader Question on Treatment for Skin Sores Followed by Suggestion From Our Vet

My dog is a female 4-year-old Formosan Mountain Dog. She just came out of heat 2 weeks ago. My neighbor's dog was playing with my dog for about an hour on Tuesday. This was at night so I didn't see really anything. On Wednesday my neighbor said her dog had major sores on her face and back, Just does not use flea treatments which is what I thought it was. It looked like cigarette burns all over her face and chest. 2 days later my dog has the same thing. Not only that, my brother and I have started to get small red lesions on our skin as well, and are very itchy.

I went to the vet with my dog, he recommended this lime and sulfur dip to bathe my dog with. Oh my god, the smell has been awful. I was told to get Borax and peroxide and try that. I could not find Borax anywhere, so I tried a bit of peroxide on a Q-tip and spotted this on my dog, this made it much worse.

I'm financially strapped right now due to the fact that my older dog had serious expensive surgery back in August and my female had Kennel cough last month so Vet bills have totaled close to 2 grand.I'm strapped and don't know what to

Your advice would be greatly appreciated as these sores on my dog are a lot worse than I thought and it doesn't seem to be healing quick enough.The lime sulfur bath I left on her and blow dried her but the sores seemed to have increased not decreased..please help me...

- Gregg in Vancouver Canada

Suggestion From Our Veterinarian on Treatment for Skin Sores

Hello Gregg,

Based on your description, it sounds as if your veterinarian has potentially diagnosed your dog with sarcoptic mange. This condition is highly contagious (to both pets and people) and causes many of the symptoms you mentioned. Lime sulfur dips can help dogs with sarcoptic mange, but newer forms of treatment are much more effective and easier to use.

Revolution is my favorite medication for getting rid of sarcoptic mange, but other options like ivermectin, Comfortis, Advantage-multi, Interceptor, and Sentinel can also be used as long as careful attention is paid to appropriate dosing.

Every dog in the home, even those without clinical signs, should be treated to prevent animals from passing the mites back and forth and reinfecting one another. Bedding, collars, and other materials that may harbor a large number of mites should be thoroughly washed. You may need to see a doctor as well if you have been exposed to sarcoptes mites. They cause the condition known as scabies in people.

Best of luck,
Jennifer Coates, DVM

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