Cloudiness in Dog Eyes

by Dana Jack
(Monroe, WA. USA)

Signs of lenticular sclerosis in dog eyes

Signs of lenticular sclerosis in dog eyes

Reader Question and Vet Response: Cloudy Dog Eyes

My dog Ginger is starting to have cloudiness in both eyes. She has is about 11 years old. She has never been sick and only been to the vet for her shots and being fixed. Is this something that medication might prevent from getting worse?


Ginger's Owner Dana

Suggestions from our Vet Regarding Lenticular Sclerosis and Cataracts

Hello Dana,

Based on your dog’s age and your picture, I suspect Ginger might have lenticular sclerosis. This is a normal aging change that affects the lens of the eye. It is not painful, does not significantly affect vision, and requires no treatment.

I can’t completely rule out the possibility that your dog has cataracts, however. Your veterinarian can quickly differentiate between lenticular sclerosis and cataracts with an ophthalmologic (eye) exam.

Bring your concerns to his or her attention at your next appointment.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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