Dog Eye Ulceration and Red Dot

by Anonymous

Picture Dog Eye with Red Dot

Picture Dog Eye with Red Dot

Our dog had a minor eye ulceration and was given eye ointment for treatment. Approximately 4 days later, he developed what appeared to be a scab on his eye and cloudiness. A week later, the scab is gone but now a red dot appears on the eye. We are planning on taking him back in but would appreciate any help you could give. The original eye problem occurred following a neuter and distemper shot.

Editor Suggestion, Red Dot on Dog Eye

Dog eye problems which start with minor issues, such as minor irritation, allergy or ulcer over the surface of the eye, are usually resolved with care and the use of quality eye products, as prescribed by a veterinarian.

But, in some cases, this condition on the surface of the dog eye may persist and the “cornea” becomes affected, i.e. corneal infections may occur, which may be either superficial or diffused in nature.

A canine corneal infection may occur due to bacterial agents, which cause cloudiness and dense white cell accumulation around the cornea. Also, the blood capillaries of the cornea become swelled, which results in a “red spot” that may be seen on the surface of the eye.

In other cases, injury or trauma to the surface of either of the dog eyes can be a possible cause of a corneal ulcer/problem. This usually happens due to excessive scratching of the eye and self injury, where the eye surface may get bruised and thus cause the corneal area to appear reddened.

In either case, the dog red eye problem may be either superficial or diffused to deeper layers of the cornea, which should be treated systemically and by a veterinarian only.

In this case, the red spot on the eye appears to be
secondary or the result of an already persisting eye ulceration, which was either not treated properly or your pet had experienced severe immune stress caused by a distemper shot.

This dog eye condition requires immediate attention. It should be treated with local antibiotics and the use of steroids. Remember, these therapeutic agents should only be used with a prescription. Proper treatment and care can resolve this condition in a week or so.

Here, we can only suggest a few supportive measures which are listed below, including the use of natural remedies, supplements and management tips, which can help to make your dog comfortable. They will also help to facilitate recovery.

1. Keep the area around the surface of the eye clear of any debris, dog eye discharge and overflowing tears. Regularly clean the surface of the face, since the facial surface attracts allergens and bacteria which can cause additional irritation. Preferably, use some type of dog eye wash pads for purpose such as R-7 Sterile Eye Wash Pads.

2. To support the specific antibiotic and steroid therapy prescribed by the veterinarian, natural remedies such as Eye Heal should be used. These natural extracts will help to enhance recovery and to maintain overall eye health. This approach will help to protect the eye from the diffusion of infection into deeper layers of the eye.

3. Since your dog has a stressed immune system, this is surely worsening the condition, so it would be helpful if you gave your dog an immunity & liver tonic such as Immunity and Liver Support, so that immunity is restored and your dog's body is better able to respond well towards minor issues.

Best of luck resolving the dog eye ulceration. Please keep us up to date on this dog eye problem.

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Corneal Dog Eye Ulcer on Shih Tsu

by Liza
(Queens, New York)

About 2 weeks ago my dog began with itching in her eyes, she had mild discharge and her eyes looked red and irritated.

I took her to the vet and they prescribed ointment with a triple antibiotic called neo,poly,baci meant to apply in both eyes 3 x day use for 7-10 days, but I notice now that her left eye looks like it has a gray smudge.

I thought it was discharge from her eye so I cleaned it and it wont go away. I'm afraid that she is showing early signs of cataracts or it might be due to the allergies because she never had this in her eyes before.

My question is if this is a side effect from the ointment or will it only appear during her allergie and eventually will go away or is this an early sign from an eye disease.

I'm scared for my pet. Please answer promptly.

Thank you for your attention.

She has just turned 3 years old in april 8 2011. She is a healthy vaccinated doggie.
breed: shitzu.
sex: female

Vet Suggestion Regarding Possible Corneal Dog Eye Ulcer

Hi Liza,

I can’t say exactly what the “gray smudge” on your shih tzu’s eye might be without examining her, but it is more likely to be an ulcer on the surface of her eye than a cataract based on her breed (shih tzus are prone to corneal ulcers) and your description of her symptoms.

You should definitely get her back to your veterinarian’s office ASAP. If it is an ulcer, they can get worse very quickly and can even put her vision at risk if not dealt with appropriately.

It is possible that by rubbing her eyes she gave herself a little scratch that did not heal properly and is turning into an ulcer, or that she may have an underlying ocular condition (e.g., poor tear production) that is at the bottom of all of her eye issues.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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