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Nov 30, 2013
Amy has lung cancer ! NEW
by: Tracy Morrison

Our precious Amy ( border collie cross) who just celebrated her 13th Birthday on Sept. 17 and her 13th Anniversary Nov .14 of when we got her has been diagnosed with lung cancer. We found out the 14 of October and couldn't have been more devastated. Her days are numbered now as the past 24 hours have been by far her worst… how am I going to get through this I have know idea… I am so attached to her and she to me…. I won't allow her to suffer,but, don't want to have her put down before her time either. Amy had a bad day such as this that first week and bounced back, I am hoping that when I start her new meds tomorrow the next day or 2 will make a huge difference for her. I made her more home made food today and she loves it, so along with her meds and lots of good protein,may it give her the energy to continue on, I am hoping to get through the holidays with her ,but, fear the worst. I made it past my Birthday (November 12 and the anniversary of when we got her Nov 14) and I am forever grateful..now to make it through Christmas ! Amy has been with me through good times and bad over the past 13 years and I will be by her side when her time comes… I owe her that much ! My heart aches thinking about what I know is going to happen sooner than later… how I wish I could have her with me for years to come. My sympathies to all of you who have already had to say your goodbyes to your beloved fur babies…. this is just so hard !!

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