Canine Anal Gland Problems and Hyperthyroidism

Our dog is being treated with antibiotics and warm compresses for an enlarged anal gland. As part of her assessment, significant weight loss was found and blood tests revealed elevated thyroid levels. She has classic symptoms of hyperthyroidism - excessive thirst and rapid heart rate.

Radiographs are unremarkable. The next step is an ultrasound of the thyroid. Any possibility the enlarged anal gland and elevated thyroid levels are related? Thanks.

Vet Suggestion on Hyperthyroidism and Dog Anal Glands

Hello there,

I think the likelihood of your dog’s anal gland problems and hyperthyroidism being related is small. Frankly, I’m much more concerned about your dog’s thyroid troubles than I am about her anal gland.

Anal gland infections are common and usually benign, although they can be associated with tumors in worst case scenarios. Unfortunately, hyperthyroidism in dogs is most commonly caused by an aggressive type of cancer affecting the thyroid gland, which has usually already spread to the lungs by the time the condition is diagnosed.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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