Home Remedies Dog Ear Infection

" Home remedies dog ear infection can be used, although great care is needed when preparing the remedy and when administering it in the ear. A dogs ear is delicate, and is can be damaged if any remedy is not administered correctly. Several bacterial, fungal, allergic and parasitic agents can lead to primary or secondary ear infections in dogs. Symptoms such as itching, scratching, head shakes and lesions that appear on the outer or inner ear represent either a mature or developing dog ear infection. Along with medications and antibiotics prescribed by a veterinarian, home remedies can be an effective option to treat ear infections, particularly in the case of mild infections. Commercially available natural remedies are preferred vs. home remedies as the most appropriate approach to treat dog ear infections. "

Concept of Home Remedies Dog Ear Infection:

Dog ear infection is usually caused by some type of bacterial invasion in the ear. It may be primary or secondary in nature, i.e. either bacterial species invades inner parts of ear as the primary cause of infection or parasitic, fungal or allergic infestation/infection can lead to a secondary invasion by bacteria. In either case, bacteria can cause local or generalized health issues related to a dog’s ear.

Recommended and approved treatments for dog ear infections include the use of antibiotics, pain killers and preparations which can treat symptoms such as itching and developing inflammation. It is highly recommended that if dog is confirmed as having a dog ear infection, that this problem should be treated specifically.

However, some natural products do make effective home remedies dog ear infection as they contain ingredients which have anti microbial properties while others possesses the capability to reduce the effects of any symptoms. These ingredients can be gathered and administered separately or collectively to treat mild forms of dog ear infection as a home remedy. It is preferred that they are only used based on the recommendation of a veterinarian, who is in the best position to determine the extent and cause of the infection.

Home Remedies Dog Ear Infection:

There are several natural products which can be used as an alternative to antibiotics and drugs used for treating symptoms. Some of these dog ear infection home remedies include:

  1. Garlic Oil/Macerated Garlic: Garlic has natural properties which act as an anti microbial activist. Products that contain garlic can be used to control the growth of the bacterial population within the ear. Garlic oil is considered to be the most effective option in this regard. If garlic oil is unavailable, a couple of macerated (broken into pieces) garlic cloves mixed with olive oil and then strained. This preparation is then warmed with a few drops then introduced into the dog’s ear. This is one of most effective preparations for treating bacterial infections and symptoms of itching.
  2. Vitamin E: Vitamin E primarily improves the cellular strength of the inner ear. Symptoms and itching can be effectively treated by introducing a few drops of warm oils which contain Vitamin E. Cod liver oil is also a good source of vitamin E, and has mild effects on microbial activity as well. Almond oil or olive oil can be combined with vitamin E gel and can be introduced into a dog’s ear for treating pain.
  3. Pot Marigold: Marigold is a flowering plant, and is a specie of the genus, “Calendula”. Pharmacological studies show that this herb can be used as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agent for reducing skin irritation. Petals and pollens of this flower can be used for treating ear infections. Marigold can be combined with oils such as almond or olive oil and are thus introduced into a dog’s ear after warming the mixture.

Limitations of Home Remedies Dog Ear Infection:

There are certain limitations associated with these canine ear infection home remedies. Initially, the processing and administration of these preparations is one of the most common issues; one cannot confirm that the preparation is exactly what is needed when prepared, and if the technique used to administer it to the ear is done properly. Moreover, these preparations can only treat mild ear infections, infections in the inner or middle ear are usually not effectively treated this way.

In such circumstances, a dog owner should always seek a veterinarian’s opinion regarding the use of home remedies, as severe infections or poor administration can lead to irrecoverable damage to the ear. Along with the prescribed recommendations of veterinarian, commercially available natural remedies such as Ear Dr. are other way to use a natural approach, using a product that has been professionally formulated for dog ear problems.

Longer term care can be naturally achieved with a homeopathic natural dog ear cleaning product such as Novalsan . Do not attempt to clean the inner and middle ear yourself. Instead ask your dog groomer or other health professional about performing these services. Avoid the frequent use of chemical based ear cleaners as these can result in excessive dryness in the ear.

Instructions for Applying Home Remedies Dog Ear Infection

When applying any ointment or remedy, do not insert anything more than the very tip into the ear canal as depicted below.

dog ear infections treatment
Dog Ear Infection Treatment
(Source: Henry Moore - Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine)

After putting a few drops of the home remedy into the ear canal. Massage the base of the ear to help the treatment pass further into the dog's ear canal

dog ear infections treatment
Massage Canine Ear After Treatment
(Source: Henry Moore - Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine)

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